Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu ( PV & Lyrics )

  Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu ( PV & Lyrics )

This song is the opening for the newly aired anime, Sora no Woto / Oto ( Sounds of the Sky ) – which IMHO looks like K-ON going to war…

I mean, they’re obviously copied and pasted from the original cast of K-ON, I can see the resemblance to Yui and Mio, and maybe a bit of Tsumugi and Azusa from the first episode ! But heck, its a good watch nevertheless.. the tsundere phenomenon is definitely here to stay.

Back to the song, I’ve only recently discovered Kalafina, but boy are they good or what ! And the fact that Yuki Kajiura is the composer of their songs can only make things better – if you like this one, don’t miss their Lacrimosa, Progressive and Oblivious (from Kara no Kyoukai) singles respectively.

Lyrics ( Romaji )

Kono sora no kagayaki
Kimi no mune ni todoiteru
Yume miteta shirabe wa
Shizukesa no you ni

Kimi no te ga mada yume ni tookutemo
Omoidashite yo yasashii koe wo
Dareka ga kimi no tame
Utatta shiawase no CHORD

~ chorus ~
Sora no woto hibike
Takaku, kanashimi wo koete
Kimi no me ni utsuru mono wa
Subete hontou no sekai

Namida sae kimi wo
Koko ni todomete okenai
Furisosogu hikari no naka
Ashita wo kanadete

Hontou wa dare ni mo
Kikoenai sonna woto datta
Demo dare no mune ni mo
Akaruku hibiitetta

Shiawase wa kitto tsugi no sakamichi de
Kimi no fui wo tsuite
Kissu wo kureru yo
Itsuka sono namida ga
Kareru koro kikoeru kimi no CHORD

[ instrumental break ]

Taiko no woto kara
Hajimaru yo SONG OF LOVE daremo ga
Shiiteita sono uta ni hitotsu
Sora iro no onpu kasarete ( kasarete )

Hitori de utatetta ( hitori de utatetta )
Toki wa sukoshi dake sabishiikute
Kimi no koto zutto yondeita
Todoitanda yo na ?
Kimi no motto he

Hontou no itami ga
Kimi no mune ni fureta toki
Yume mitetta shirabe ga
Shizukesa no you ni

~ chorus ~
Sora no woto hibike
Takaku, kanashimi wo koete
Ima koko ni ikitteru koto
Waraiaeru sono hi made

Yasashiisa mo yume mo
Koko ni todomete okenai
Kieteyuku hikari no naka
Ashita wo kanadete

Yagate kimi no te ga
Tsukamu tokoshie no shinjitsu
Kamawanai to omoukara iisou takarakana koete

Sono uta ni kimi wa
Kibou to nazukete naita
Yumemiru hito no kokoro ni
Tashikani todoku yo

Lyrics ( Translation )

Is the brilliance of this sky
Reaching your heart?
The tune you dreamed of
Is similar to its quietness

Even if your hands are still far from your dream
Recall the tender voice
When someone sings
The chord of happiness for you

~ chorus ~
The sound of the sky echoes,
high over your sorrow
All of the things reflected in your eyes
are the real world

Not even these tears
can keep you here
Within the pouring light,
you make music out of tomorrow

The truth is, no one could hear it
Such a sound it was
But it echoed cheerfully
in everyone’s chest

On the next hillside path,
surely happiness
Will surprise you with a kiss
When your tears dry someday
I’ll hear your chord

[ instrumental break ]

It’ll start from the sound of drums,
a song of love
Synching a single sky-blue note
With that song everyone knew

When I sang alone,
it was just a bit lonely
And I called for you all the while
It reached there, didn’t it?
To where you are

The real pain
Was when I touched your chest
The tune I dreamed of
Is like its quietness

~ chorus ~
The sound of the sky echoes,
high over your sorrow
We’re living here and now
for the day when we can laugh together

Not even kindness or dreams
can keep me here
Within the vanishing light,
I make music out of tomorrow

Because you think you aren’t a match
For the eternal truth your hands will grasp before long
With a rather loud voice

You named the song ‘hope’ and cried
Certainly it’ll reach the hearts of dreamers

Credits: Words of Songs

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on January 22, 2010 at 5:04 pm
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