Perth-ians: Sun Katsura is NOT closed!!!

  Perth-ians: Sun Katsura is NOT closed!!!

Many of us thought that when the construction of Claremont Quarter began, the wonderful ( but unfortunate ) restaurants around the said area will have to be closed down and never to be heard again from.

Everyday, come lunchtime, I always have trouble deciding where to go. Before, there was Sunflower Chinese Restaurant and of course Sun Katsura, but Sunflower moved to Nedlands and is not in the area anymore, and I thought ( just like most people ) that Sun Katsura is closed forever… and with its closure, my hope of ever eating that awesome Beef Teriyaki / Wagyu Beef for lunch dissipates as well.

Well….. guess what, ITS STILL FRICKIN OPEN !!!!

Sun Katsura - Beef Teriyakiwell not really, it sort of fused with a Cafe called Mouley’s Cafe or something like that ( I might be wrong ), but they’re just OPPOSITE where the old San Katsura used to be.. and best of all, it TASTES exactly like the old one too ! =D


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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on January 21, 2010 at 2:07 pm
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  • OH NO! =(

  • Roselle

    bad news. i drove up all the way there today to get wagyu beef lunch (20mins from home).. it was like almost three years since i last had takeaway lunch from there cuz i was overseas and all.. At first, i was glad to find that mouly’s cafe cuz i thought it was a good sign of getting beef teriyaki lunch. But as i went in and tried to order, i found out that they’ve no longer had it on the menu :((. They said they’ve stopped doing the japanese. i was crushed.. cuz that means forever in my life i’ll never be able to taste that lovely dish again.. *sobs*

  • Victor

    omg i forgot all about sun katsura when CQ opened. Gosh! i gotta get there quick.

    anyway thanks for the LIKE YESTERDAY PV!

  • @Mounam:
    Trust me, its worth your while. It’s probably the most delicious Wagyu Beef I’ve ever had in my life, and I ate a LOT of Wagyu Beef before, so that speaks for something =)

  • Mounam

    I wish if i was in Australia now to taste this wonderful Wagyu Beef but i promess in my next visit to W.A. I will visit Mouly’s cafe in Claremont to have this dish .