SCANDAL – Shunkan Sentimental ( Lyrics )

  SCANDAL – Shunkan Sentimental ( Lyrics )

I’m posting this just because its SCANDAL ;D hahahaha its pretty awesome but not as awesome as Shoujou S

My band Anti-Social Yakisoba is playing this song @ Perth’s 2011 Wai-Con and the video right under this is a short practice session when we played Shunkan Sentimental. If you have 5 minutes to spare, can you give us comments / critics on how we can improve our performance ? Thanks in advance!!

If you like this single ( and I know you DO ) please support SCANDAL by buying Shunkan Sentimental from YesAsia – or maybe you’d rather get the first press edition of Shunkan Sentimental instead ? It’s up to you, but you know its worth it !

Also download a full preview of the song here: SCANDAL – Shunkan Sentimental

Lyrics (Romaji)

Kawashita hazu no nai yakusoku ga
Kyou mo bokura no mirai o ubaou to suru

Hoshigatteita mono o te ni shitemo
Sunao ni umaku waraenai no wa naze darou

Afureru namida wa yowasa ya koukai janai
ITAMI ga unda KAKERA de

Donna shunkan datte unmei datte
Hitotsu dake tashikana mono ga aru to shitta
Hitori de kangaechatte ima o mayou yori
Ashita o mukae ni ikunda

Zutto mottetai kokoro no jirai SUICCHI wa kittenai
Itsumo boku o miteru arifureta MERODY ga

Kudaranai to hito ni warawaretemo
KIRAKIRA naosara kagayaku no wa naze darou

Nani ga hontou de uso ka RIKUTSU janakute
Kanjiteitai KOKORO de

Kitto aijou nante gensou datte
Gomakashitakunai yo kizutsuita to shitemo
Wakariaitai to tsuyoku negau hodo
Butsukaru koto mo aru kara

Nakeru kurai aozora kousaten de te o nobashita
Juu nen go mo konna fuu ni irareru kana isshoni

Donna shunkan datte unmei datte
Hitotsu dake tashikana mono ga aru to shitta
Genkai datte konran datte akirametakunai yo
Kono mama hanasanaide
Kataku nigirishimeta kimi no migite no nukumori
Koko ni aru kara

Lyrics ( English Translation )

There’s no need to exchange a vow,
Today, we’ll capture our future

Things that we wanted, we’ll get it in our hands
Honestly, wonder why can’t I smile wonderfully

Crying these tears doesn’t mean we’re being weak
Its not regret, its pieces from my pain

No matter how time goes, the fate goes,
I know there’s only one thing for sure
Thinking to myself, from being lost in this moment,
Tomorrow, I’m going to go forward.

Always wanted to think,
How my heart is after all that,
I can’t switch it
Always ruined the unchangeable future
I can see, the unsurprising melody
That useless person, even when he smiles, he’s shining bright
All the more, why does he shine?

Is it really a lie
Don’t give me an excuse
My heart wants to feel it

Definitely love, fantasy
I don’t want to deceive it
Even if I’m hurt
I want to understand it and its a
Strong wish
There’s also time when I fret

When the sky sheds tears,
I spread my hands
In another ten years will this wind still be around

No matter how time goes, the fate goes,
I know there’s only one thing for sure

Even if we fight, even if there’s such thing
I will not give up
Just like this, I wont let go
Strongly grasping your right hand’s warmth
I’ll be here

credits: JPOPASIA

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on January 21, 2010 at 9:44 am
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