BoA – IDENTITY 7th album (10.02.2010)

  BoA – IDENTITY 7th album (10.02.2010)


Album is out on YesAsia so grab it while its still sizzling hot ! There’s no reason why we shouldn’t support BoA-chan on her way to even more greatness in the future ( although I do admit I missed the Milky Way days >< ) BoA – Identity ( ALBUM ) on YesAsia
BoA – Identity ( ALBUM + DVD ) on YesAsia

01. This Is Who I Am
02. EASY
03. BUMP BUMP! feat. VERBAL(m-flo)
05. interlude#1
06. is this love
07. interlude#2
08. Mamoritai ~White Wishes~
09. Love Cats
10. THE END and… (album ver.)
11. Possibility duet with Daichi Miura
12. fallin’
13. my all

Considering that she composed 4 songs and wrote another 2 for this Album, I’m really looking forward to it ( *peeks at uTorrent* … 10% to go hehe ) so I’ll give you my two cents when I finished listening to the whole thing.
I definitely liked Mamoritai ~White Wishes~ though, so at least I know there’s one song that I like in it.

I’ve went thru the whole album twice and I’m gonna post the lyrics starting from the songs I like most (and can be bothered to transcribe) to the least – so I’ll start with ‘Is This Love‘ which I think is absolutely wonderful =)

BoA – Is This Love ( Romaji )

Darenimo iwanai
Komarasetai an janai-shi
Jama na ____ shinai
Watashi ni mo jijou wa aru shi

Futari dake no himitsu
Watashi shika shiranai
Shoujiki na kimi dake wo
Misete yo

~ chorus ~
Is this love ( x2 )
Ima wa mou
Umaku kono kimochi kakusenai
Kimi no kotoshika mienakute ( How I control myself? )

Kochi ni dashita shunkan ni
Zenbu kiechai sonna kigashita
Kimi ni wa kikenai – Is this Love ?

MEERU wa dasanai
Wasurewareteku kotoba wo
Katachi ni nokoshita nara
Kitto koukai suru kara

Kimari koto no youna
Serifu mada iranai
Motto tsuyoku dakishimete itteyo

~ chorus ~
Is this love ( x2 )
Ima wa mou
Umaku kono kimochi kakusenai
Kimi no kotoshika mienakute ( Even when I close my eyes )

Zutto waratteitai no ni
Kyuu ni nagitakunaru no wa naze ?
Ware ni mo kikenai – Is this Love ?

When I reach my hand
And I call your name ( Nothing but your love )
And you smiled
_______ again
All these confusion
Makes me want you more
Don’t know why I keep on
Coming back to you

Back to chorus 01 – continued to 02 and fade

Please someone tell me so ( x2 )

Lyrics ( Translation )
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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on February 9, 2010 at 10:33 am
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