Kalafina – Red Moon (17.03.2010)

  Kalafina – Red Moon (17.03.2010)

Kalafina - Red Moon

I’ve been ranting on and on and on about Kalafina ( and Yuki Kajiura ) and I don’t think I’m going to stop anytime soon, not if them ( and other Kajiura’s solo projects e.g FictionJunction ) keep on releasing these awesome singles / albums. I’ve only listened to FictionJunction’s Everlasting Songs album ( get it from YesAsia ) and omg, those tracks are just heavenly !!!

So i’ve gone off the track….. well, this post is all about Kalafina’s soon to be released album, titled Red Moon ( I think it was called Sanctuary at some point, maybe they changed it ? ) and it should be out on the 17th of March, 2010. ( yes yes time to click them: pre-order Kalafina’s Red Moon )


  1. Red Moon ( download )
  2. Hikari no Senritsu ( listen | Buy Single )
  3. Te to Te to Me to Me ( Hand in Hand and Looking into Each Other’s Eyes ) ( download )
  4. fantasia ( download )
  5. Haru wa Ougon no Yume no Naka ( The Spring is in a Golden Dream )
  6. Kyrie
  7. Yami no Uta ( Poem of Darkness )
  8. Hoshi no Utai ( Recitation of the Stars ) ( download )
  9. storia ( listen | Buy Single )
  10. intermezzo
  11. progressive ( listen Live | Buy Single )
  12. Lacrimosa ( listen | Buy Single )
  13. I have a dream
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posted on February 10, 2010 at 12:07 pm
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