Kana Nishino x Leona Lewis x alan x miwa @ Music Fair (13.02)

  Kana Nishino x Leona Lewis x alan x miwa @ Music Fair (13.02)

Was doing my routine jpop single / album release swipe when I came across this awesome collaboration.. I love how Kana’s english and vocal quality improved since the last time I heard her – I love how alan‘s erhu was swiftly incorporated to the song – and to top all that, I love how newcomer miwa successfully pulled off the chicks-with-guitar image that YUI has been promoting for god knows how long.

Shion Tsuji was one of the guitar-chicks that I adored, but YUI and Michelle Branch are definitely the best two female-guitarists… EVER. ( ok maybe not skill-wise, but inarguably career wise ! )

…. oh, and also for Michelle Branch fans, her new album “EVERYTHING COMES AND GOES” is coming soon !! It’s been too long ;D

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on February 15, 2010 at 10:34 am
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