Top 10 Final Fantasy Vocal Songs

  Top 10 Final Fantasy Vocal Songs

Final Fantasy XIII

I’m pretty sure I’m not the only person who’s excited about the release of Final Fantasy XIII next month (9th of March) and following that up, I’m making a Top Ten compilation of all Final Fantasy Vocal songs out there.

Well, without further ado, lets start the countdown shall we ?
With each song, I also provide the Youtube link to the MV / PV / AMV and if I get enough request, I might just put up the HQ MP3s for you to enjoy.

  1. Real Emotion (JAP ver) | (ENG ver)

    Singer: Koda Kumi
    From: Final Fantasy X-2
    Most probably the most hated Final Fantasy Vocal song out there, I personally think it sounds a bit annoying and completely destroys that image of the innocent Yuna in my head.

  2. Tsuki no Akari -Final Fantasy IV Ai no Theme-

    Singer: Ida Emi
    From: Final Fantasy IV DS
    Very nostalgic – brings back memories from the SNES era, where Cecil and Kain were just rough-rendered pixel sprites with 16-bit music. Also a good melody to listen before you go to sleep =)

  3. Why

    Singer: Ayaka
    From: Final Fantasy VII : Crisis Core (PSP)
    I’ve been a close follower of Ayaka, but I didn’t know she sang Why as a soundtrack for FF7:CC!! I mean, I loved the song even before I found out that its a Final Fantasy Soundtrack, so I guess I’m not biased when I say this is an aweasome song!

  4. Kiss Me Good Bye (JAP Ver) | (ENG Ver)

    Singer: Angela Aki
    From: Final Fantasy XII
    Good song… but nothing spectacular.

  5. Suteki da Ne

    Singer: Rikki
    From: Final Fantasy X
    You won’t find a better song to suit Yuna & Tidus’ lake scene.

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  7. Kimi ga Iru Kara ( Trailer Ver ) | ( MV Ver )

    Singer: Sugawara Sayuri
    From: Final Fantasy XIII
    Oh how I wish they would keep this song on instead of Leona Lewis’ “My Hands”.

  8. Aria di Mezzo Caraterre

    Singer: Celes/Maria
    From: Final Fantasy VI
    Ok, I know that this is not an actual ‘vocal’ song, but its got lyrics (albeit the vocal synth) and most of all, it’s so freakin moving that I’m pretty sure I was speechless when the Opera scene rolls in and took me by surprise. That exact same scene is also one of many reasons why I think Final Fantasy VI is STILL the best RPG of all time. Another reason would be its Ending theme, where Uematsu-sama successfully medley-ed all the character themes and ended it gracefully with the Final Fantasy Theme.
    Priceless, just priceless.

  9. Melodies of Life ( JAP Ver ) | ( ENG Ver )

    Singer: Shiratori Emiko
    From: Final Fantasy IX
    I still remember downloading this from a dodgy Singaporean server and after I finally get to 98%, the bastards decided to take the file off their server. I also still remember trying to source a nuclear rod to bomb that exact same server.

    Jokes aside, I really loved this song. Shiratori-san’s strong, deep voice oozes out such an unmistakably soothing “feel” about the song. Lyrics-wise, I’d say this is one of the most accomplished Final Fantasy vocal song. If you haven’t heard this one, please give it a listen – you won’t regret it.

  10. Sen no Kotoba | Gentle Words

    Singer: Koda Kumi (JP) / Jade from Sweetbox (ENG)
    From: Final Fantasy X-2
    Ku-chan’s angelic voice is utilized better here than in the horrendous Real Emotion – this song is amazingly moving, specially if coupled with that MV from the game. The occasional guitar picks added a ‘sweet’ layer to the atmosphere of the song. Beautifully done, and should I say, perfect choice to get Koda Kumi to the mix.

  11. Eyes on Me

    Singer: Faye Wong
    From: Final Fantasy VIII
    Are you surprised ? Because you really shouldn’t be. The first ever vocal song to grace the face of Final Fantasy, and I personally think this song paved the initial steps for video-game related songs. But this feat – being the first song to accomplish all that – is not why I chose Eyes on Me to be the number 1. This is also the first song that I know for sure did well inside AND outside the gamers’ circle. People just LOVED it.

    With songs like the Boat Theme from Lunar, its an awesome song, but I think only gamers know about it. But Eyes on My was played on and on and on in the radio as if its a general pop song, and this also affects the sale of Final Fantasy VIII. People who never played an RPG before actually tried to get into it, thanks to Eyes on Me.

    I don’t think you should be surprised anymore now, eh?

  12. Honorable mention: Kokoro no Takarabako | Diamonds in My Heart

    Singer: Hiromi Ohta (JP) / Vicki Bell (ENG)
    From: Chocobo Racing
    Lyrics and Guitar Tabs: L321 – Not So Random JPOP Lyrics
    When I finished Chocobo Racing, being such a fast-paced racing game with aggresive controls, I wasn’t expecting to be treated to such a sweet-sounding ED music. This song BLEW me away on my first listen. Almost instantly after the song ended, I started a new game to be able to hear it again. I know its not a Final Fantasy song, but I’d say its closely related to FF – GIVE THIS ONE A LISTEN, trust me!

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