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moumoon – REFRAIN (24.03)

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Tweet Haven’t really listened to them properly ( and they have a long list of discography which will take a while to digest ) but I was blown away by their last single, Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai which was hauntingly beautiful – its definitely worth 5 minutes of your time so give it […]

The Asian Beauties – S.H.E

Tweet The Asian Beauties are ( left to right ): Jaime Fong ( Hong Kong ) Jiaqing Wei ( China ) Rainie Yang ( Taiwan, she looks like she’s underage! ) JUJU ( Japan, which we all know and love ) MINT ( Thai, real name Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul ), and Olivia ( Singapore/Japan, check her […]

SNSD – Run Devil Run

Tweet Mmmmmmmh….. STILL not as catchy as Gee or their latest effort, Oh! ( the shorter the song title, the better it is ? ) but I think this song has potential to climb to the top. Lets just see how good their PR and advertising agency is =) Also… another thing to add.. LEGS […]

Miss Monday feat. Sugawara Sayuri – Sayonara (24.03)

Tweet Anyhoo, awesome song by Miss Monday (whom I never heard before) although I liked Sayuri’s parts better. Definitely worth a listen or two. Will try to source the proper PV to put up here !

Kylee – Kimi ga Iru Kara (24.03)

Tweet Whoa. Whoa Whoa Whoa !!!!! ( in a good way! ) What a stunner ! =D her birthname is Kylee Saunders ( ! ) and she was born in Arizona, USA. You can read more information about Kylee on her Wiki page. I’ve always loved hybrid Asians, specially Japanese, so her being one is […]

SoulJa – Umaku Kotoba Ni Dekinai Keredo Feat. Saki Kayama (14.04)

Tweet Yaaaay a new SoulJa song ~! TBH I haven’t really listened to his stuff ever since the collab with Thelma Aoyama on Koko ni Iru Yo / Soba ni Iru ne (recommended) – I still think that was the peak of his musical career so far. After that horrid re-re-release of Soba ni Iru […]

RSP – Tabidatsu Kimi He (10.03)

Tweet Never heard of RSP before ( apparently its an abbreviation for Real Street Project ) but after I finished listening to the latest (22nd ?) Bleach Ending Theme (for the umpteenth time), I finally decided that I like the song hahaha ^^ I don’t really like the theme songs for Bleach a lot, exceptions […]