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moumoon – REFRAIN (24.03)

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Haven’t really listened to them properly ( and they have a long list of discography which will take a while to digest ) but I was blown away by their last single, Aoi Tsuki to Ambivalence na Ai which was hauntingly beautiful – its definitely worth 5 minutes of your time so give it a [...]

The Asian Beauties – S.H.E

The Asian Beauties are ( left to right ):

Jaime Fong ( Hong Kong )
Jiaqing Wei ( China )
Rainie Yang ( Taiwan, she looks like she’s underage! )
JUJU ( Japan, which we all know and love )
MINT ( Thai, real name Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul ), and
Olivia ( Singapore/Japan, check her out – she’s got a sweet discography! [...]

SNSD – Run Devil Run

Mmmmmmmh….. STILL not as catchy as Gee or their latest effort, Oh! ( the shorter the song title, the better it is ? ) but I think this song has potential to climb to the top. Lets just see how good their PR and advertising agency is =)
Also… another thing to add.. LEGS LEGS LEGS [...]

Miss Monday feat. Sugawara Sayuri – Sayonara (24.03)

Anyhoo, awesome song by Miss Monday (whom I never heard before) although I liked Sayuri’s parts better. Definitely worth a listen or two. Will try to source the proper PV to put up here !

Kylee – Kimi ga Iru Kara (24.03)

Whoa Whoa Whoa !!!!! ( in a good way! )

What a stunner ! =D her birthname is Kylee Saunders ( ! ) and she was born in Arizona, USA. You can read more information about Kylee on her Wiki page. I’ve always loved hybrid Asians, specially Japanese, so her being one is already a plus [...]

SoulJa – Umaku Kotoba Ni Dekinai Keredo Feat. Saki Kayama (14.04)

Yaaaay a new SoulJa song ~!
TBH I haven’t really listened to his stuff ever since the collab with Thelma Aoyama on Koko ni Iru Yo / Soba ni Iru ne (recommended) – I still think that was the peak of his musical career so far. After that horrid re-re-release of Soba ni Iru ne ( [...]

RSP – Tabidatsu Kimi He (10.03)

Never heard of RSP before ( apparently its an abbreviation for Real Street Project ) but after I finished listening to the latest (22nd ?) Bleach Ending Theme (for the umpteenth time), I finally decided that I like the song hahaha ^^ I don’t really like the theme songs for Bleach a lot, exceptions would [...]