RSP – Tabidatsu Kimi He (10.03)

  RSP – Tabidatsu Kimi He (10.03)

RSP - Tabidatsu Kimi He

Never heard of RSP before ( apparently its an abbreviation for Real Street Project ) but after I finished listening to the latest (22nd ?) Bleach Ending Theme (for the umpteenth time), I finally decided that I like the song hahaha ^^ I don’t really like the theme songs for Bleach a lot, exceptions would be Ichirin no Hana, Houki Boshi, err… Shoujo S ( hated it on my first listen ) and of course YUI’s LIFE… so when a song joins the list, then it must be a pretty ok song =)

Checked their discography and they’ve actually released quite a bit of Albums/Singles… might gonna give them a listen, I have a feeling that they’re going to sound similar to AAA though for some reason ;P

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Lyrics ( Romaji )

Sakura mau mada sukoshi samui sora no shita
Kimi wa yuku chiisana kata ni
Yume ya kibou nosete

Ima tabidatsu kimi ni okuritai
Kyou kurai majime ni ittatte ii jan
(Ittatte ii jan)

Arittake no egao o hanataba ni
Kimi ni tsutae yo MESSEJI

~ chorus ~
Arigatou, issho ni waratte kurete
Arigatou, issho ni naite kurete

Daijoubu da yo shinpai nai yo
Shinjita michi dake massugu ni hashirun da yo

Kimi dake ni ucchi ake ta
Naishoubanashi toka
(There’s a secret for you…)
Tokidoki wa butsukari atte
Kenka moshi dakedo

Konna ni kokoro yuru seru hito wa
Mettani iru mon janai yo ne (janai yo ne)
Tsunakattara guchiru no mo ari de
Dekita itoki wa denwa shite

Daijoubu donna ni hanarete itemo
Daijoubu itsu datte mikata dakara

Kekkon shitemo
Obasan ni nattemo
Itsu made tattemo
Jiman no shinyuu da yo

Fuzake tafurishite afureru namida go makashita
Ugoki dasu mado no mukou
Te wo furu kimi no sugataga
Dandan chiisaku natteku

~ chorus ~
Arigatou, issho ni waratte kurete
Arigatou, issho ni naite kurete

Kawatte yuku toki no naka de
Kimi wa kawaranai deite

Sayonara koko kara
Hajimaru kara
Sayonara itsu datte
Mikata dakara

Daijobu da yo
Hitori ja nai yo
Kaete kuru basho wa itsu demo
Koko ni aru yo

Koko ni aru yo
Koko ni aru yo
Koko ni aru yo

Lyrics ( Translation )

Cherry blossoms dance under the chilly spring sky.
You march on, with dreams and hopes upon your little shoulders.

I want to send you off as you begin your journey.
I should have done that seriously at least today.
(I should have.)

I placed all my smiles in a bouquet of flowers
that I am sending to you along with a message:

~ chorus ~
Thank you for laughing with me.
Thank you for crying with me.

Don’t worry, you will be fine.
Just keep going straight in the path you believe in.

I opened my heart only to you
I am telling you my screets and all.
(There’s a secret for you…)
At times I can beat you.
They are pseudo fights though.

Such merciful people are really rare, aren’t they?
(Aren’t they?)
When it get really, really hard,
You can just give me a call.

You’ll be okay, no matter how far apart we become.
You’ll be okay because I will always be your friend.

Even if you get married
Even if you grow old
No matter how much time passes
You will be my best friend I proud of.

The overflowing fake tears you set free deceived me.
On the other side of the moving window,
Your figure gradually draws further away
As you wave at me.

~ chorus ~
Thank you for laughing with me.
Thank you for crying with me.

In the times that keep changing
you keep marching on without changing.

It starts from now on.
I will always be your friend.

You will be fine,
You are not alone.
You’ll always have a place to go back to,
Right here.

Right here.
Right here.
Right here.

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on March 9, 2010 at 12:41 pm
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