SoulJa – Umaku Kotoba Ni Dekinai Keredo Feat. Saki Kayama (14.04)

  SoulJa – Umaku Kotoba Ni Dekinai Keredo Feat. Saki Kayama (14.04)

SoulJa - Umaku Kotoba ni Dekinai Keredo

Yaaaay a new SoulJa song ~!

TBH I haven’t really listened to his stuff ever since the collab with Thelma Aoyama on Koko ni Iru Yo / Soba ni Iru ne (recommended) – I still think that was the peak of his musical career so far. After that horrid re-re-release of Soba ni Iru ne ( with YUKIE ) I thought that he’s just squeezing every cent he could from that song ( of which he’s entitled to, of course, but as a fan I was dissapointed! )

Then came along his collab with Karasawa Miho on Way to Love ~Saigo no Koi~ which was a BIG improvement from whatever stuff he released before that. The song actually stayed on my playlist for longer than I thought it would be, and although she sounds very generic, Miho’s voice actually fits the song pretty well.

Anyways, his new stuff with this Saki Kayama chick (she’s quite an eye candy) is pretty OK for my standards. I’m actually listening to it for the third time as I’m writing this, so hopefully its actually better than what I initially thought it was. Lyrics up soon !


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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on March 15, 2010 at 11:05 am
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