The Asian Beauties – S.H.E

  The Asian Beauties – S.H.E

The Asian Beauties - S.H.E

The Asian Beauties are ( left to right ):

  • Jaime Fong ( Hong Kong )
  • Jiaqing Wei ( China )
  • Rainie Yang ( Taiwan, she looks like she’s underage! )
  • JUJU ( Japan, which we all know and love )
  • MINT ( Thai, real name Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul ), and
  • Olivia ( Singapore/Japan, check her out – she’s got a sweet discography! )

Cosmetics company Kao has gathered six female music artists for its new promotional campaign for the Asience line. Now, those six are forming a special unit called The Asian Beauties to sing for the brand’s commercials.

Oh, and yes, the S.H.E is the same track thats on JUJU’s latest album, JUJU , but in English. It’s a wonderful collaboration between these asian angels so to say – I’m particularly liking JUJU’s and Olivia’s parts, although that might be biased hehe – I think their voices are very distinct compared to the other 4.

MP3 tracks are up for download after the PV – both JUJU’s and The Asian Beauties’ version. I included 2 PVs just in case one got taken down, they you can still watch the other one! (hopefully both of them won’t get taken down at the same time)



Lyrics ( Romaji )

There was a time when I cried through the night
And I couldn’t hold on to this feeling inside

Found a picture of me
How it all used to be
Now it’s torn into pieces at my feet

I wish upon a shooting star
To make it on my own, I’ve come so far
Afraid to walk alone with an open heart
Believe in what will be

Could it be me
Does my heart skip a beat
And now I wanna believe
That I’m not so naive

There from(?) something inside
And my heart opened wide
A new beginning was now I build to bloom(?)

~ chorus ~
I can see in me the light that shines
Burns as bright as new
Been there all along
Today even stronger
Illuminating what is true

Even though the road I travelled on
(?) but I held on
Sure (?)
The light never ending
Here’s my place

Darkest of nights
Always have a sunrise
Doesn’t come as a surprise
(?) it’s the truth

Every moment we got
is a moment we lose
Nothing else we can do
but change our hearts

~ chorus ~
I can see in me
and all my dreams just beyond my reach
It’s not an illusion
They’re on my fingertips
For a moment it was mine

And before (?)
Possibilities are what we had
All that I could be and now that I am
is myself

If the pieces of my dreams
Can be put back together then
I know for certainly (?) always stand the test of time
Over and over with dawn (?) of a new day

I know this sadness streak (?) will always be back

~ chorus ~
I’ve got S.H.E in me
The light that shines burns as bright anew
Been there all along, today even stronger
Illuminating what is true

Even though the road I travelled on
Was not astray but I’ll be strong
Sure (?)
The light never ending
Here’s my place

I’ve got S.H.E in me
I’m searching for a way to find the truth
I know that I could be stronger than ever
In my heart I’m holding the proof

To (?)
Never let it go

Just want to thank you for (?)
Here’s my heart

Want to hear this single on the go instead?
Download the mp3 track below ( click on play and download link should appear )

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”The Asian Beauties – S.H.E (English)” dl=””]

[wpaudio url=”″ text=”JUJU – S.H.E (Japanese)” dl=””]

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on March 26, 2010 at 2:28 pm
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