mihimaru GT – OMEDETOU (21.04)

  mihimaru GT – OMEDETOU (21.04)

mihimaru GT

Woooshaaa – it’s mihimaru GT!! =)
Been a while since I liked any of their stuff, diverge being one of their many (old) songs that never failed to be included in my All-Time Favourites list – although the first song that hooked me was Tsuyoku Tsuyoku (if you haven’t seen the PV, please do so – such a fun PV to watch)

Also, their collab with SOFFET titled Naki Natsu is also one of their best ones so far (IMHO) – watch Naki Natsu – Live Performance – or the original Naki Natsu PV version. Definitely worth your time (and hopefully can convert you into another one of their fans hehe).

Anyhoo, not much to say here about the to-be-released single except that Hiroko looks awesome (as usual) in the PV – song itself is ok, maybe I’ll like it more once I transcribed the lyrics.

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Lyrics ( Romaji )
Lyrics ( Translation )
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posted on April 7, 2010 at 12:48 pm
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