miwa – Ritoru Gaaru / LITTLE GIRL (23.06)

  miwa – Ritoru Gaaru / LITTLE GIRL (23.06)

miwa - don't cry anymore

To my utmost surprise, miwa’s official second single is titled Ritoru Gaaru (LITTLE GIRL) instead of chAngE according to her official website.

I’ll post the tracklist as soon as it’s released – if any of you know anything else, don’t be shy to post it in the comments section – sharing is caring after all ! =)

Romaji Tracklist:

  1. Ritoru Gaaru ( Little Girl ) [ Song is up for downloads below ]
  2. Anata ga inai to Sekai wa konnani tsumaranai
  3. Soba ni Itai kara

To be honest I don’t really like how Little Girl sounds, and from what I can gather around the forums, people are having the same thoughts as well – but heck, this is ONLY her 2nd single!
I say give the Little Girl ( see what I did there ? lol ) a break and support her still by pre-ordering LITTLE GIRL ( Normal Version ) – or if you REALLY want to support MIWA, her LITTLE GIRL ( Single + DVD Limited Edition ) is also up to pre-order on YesAsia!

Want to hear this single on the go instead?
Download the mp3 track below ( click on play and download link should appear )

[wpaudio url=”http://www.minxparty.com/files/music/miwa_-_Little_girl.mp3″ text=”miwa – Little Girl Full Single Radio Rip” dl=”http://hotfile.com/dl/44597795/400bd62/miwa_-_Little_girl.mp3.html”]

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on April 28, 2010 at 12:51 pm
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  • HK

    does anyone have a mp3 one of Little Gril i can’t find one…Plz!!!!

  • hey guys i just did a translation of the song’s lyrics a few days ago, do have a look thanks =]


  • klaynne14

    daisuki <3 thx kev!
    hope to hear more news on chAngE soon~

  • gabrielsquall

    I want the Lyrics

  • alan

    acording to what iv read its gonna be released next month

    and sign was out like a week or two after the naruto shippuden op was released

  • Ramirex

    I think that chAngE won’t be released in june. it is going to happen the same as flow’s sign single and sunset swish’s sakurabito single: both tv sizes were aired on october and the singles finally were released on january….so i think chAngE single will be released in july or august

  • harulu

    the beginning was kinda, in lack of better words, weird. But as it progressed it’s not so bad!!!

    Also, in her blog she was film in a cafe scene and the song sounds very much like a MAID song!!!

  • alan

    ok so ima guess that change should be out soon or at least i hope if this was her second release

  • gabrielsquall

    The Lyrics! The lyrics! The Lyrics

  • alan

    indeed everyones expecting change to be released soon, this is diffently different then what iv seen with the anime openings, normaly the openings are released in full song version shortly after its made into an opening, so i keep getting Qs, about there releases

    ill keep in check with this site tho, cus it looks like if anything change and any other great songs will be out here first, or if not first then right behind it

  • from what I can gather, looks like that chAngE will either be the B-side of Ritoru Gaaru or it will be one of the tracks in her (hopefully) first album, weird huh ?

  • alan

    so wait did she just change the name of the song or what? sprry confussed here, is change and Ritoru Gaaru the same song just with a different song name, or is she currently doing two different songs?