SCANDAL – Nanka Buttobase (10.06)

  SCANDAL – Nanka Buttobase (10.06)

Woah, ANOTHER SINGLE !? I think Sony’s been overworking these poor girls *sigh*

That being said, I don’t think we fans should complain eh ! From the title I think it’s going to be another upbeat track similar to Taiyou to Kimi no Egaku Story, but I might be wrong.

At the moment I’m still wow-ed by the fact that it’s going to be released on the 6th of October ( ONE day before MY birthday! ) and that on that very same day I’ll be wandering the streets of Tokyo ( which means I’ll be able to get my hands on an ACTUAL COPY on the very same day when its released ) makes me a very happy fan. Lets push my luck and hope that the girls will be on the store doing release day promotion and signing copies of the single 😀

Oh, and just to make you more jealous (hehe), I’m actually going to attend their TEMPTATION BOX Tour 2010 at Zepp Sendai on the 26th of September – pictures will follow after I return from Japan !

Allrighties, for this mini-single Sony’s going all out and slashed the price (well, not really, since there’s only one song in there) – but it’s still friggin DIRT CHEAP!! 1,020 yen (under AUD15) is very cheap considering you’ll get a gorgeous shot of the 4 girls on the cover methinks 🙂
Without further ado, here it goes:
Nanka Buttobase – Normal Edition
Nanka Buttobase – Jacket A + DVD | Nanka Buttobase – Jacket B + DVD | Nanka Buttobase – Jacket C + DVD

According to JPop Stop, each version of the Single will contain a live performance DVD that was televised on Shiteki Ongaku Jijou – so to get all three performances you either have to buy all three versions of the single, or jip it off your friends that actually bought all.

Lyrics ( Romaji )
SUKYANDARU nanka buttobashite yaru
Sakki made aitsu tsuyoki na hatsugen
Dakedo oro oro shite iru
Maji ni odo odo shite iru
Tsunaida te wo furi hodo toite
Nochi no furi muite bakari

Bareta toko shoubu bungawarukute mo
Mou ato ni hikenai
Tatoe michi yuku hito ga gamen wo shameni
Niyattokaete mo

Ai ga hoshii hana ichi monme
Obou chama wa SEEFU de
Hikyou mono wa kengai
Hito no uwasa nara kini shitenai yo to
Dakiatta ato no kotoba wa uso na no

SUKYANDARU nanka buttobashite yaru
Itsu datte aitsu tsuyogari hatsugen
Naraba oro oro shinaide
Souyo ota ota shinaide
Hontou no kimochi wo shiritai
Futari no kore kara no koto

Kama kakerareru to totsuzen atama
Masshiroke ni natte
Aitsu no naka no dadakko koneko no you ni
Nigeashi ga hayai

Yume wa ikaga iki wa yoi yoi
Ii wakenara takusan
Jigyaku neta wa iranai
Hito no me ni nante furi mawasarenai
Kyou made no ai ga honmono dattara

Ai ga hoshii hana ichi monme
Tsugou no ii onna to
Masaka omotte tarishite
Futari de ite mo nanka samishii
Kagerou no naka de bonyari
Aitsu ga nijimu yo
Aitsu ga mienai

Lyrics from Scandal Heaven

Lyrics ( Translation )
SCANDAL will send anything flying
That guy’s still making stubborn remarks
But he’s getting nervous now
Still scared of other things
Letting go of their hands
Always looking behind his back

I found out I’m at a disadvantage in this game
But I’m not going to be defeated
The people on the streets change their screens and smirk

I want more love; how much is it worth?
Rich kids are on the safe side
Cowards are not in the range
“I don’t care about other people’s rumors”
After we embraced, did those words become lies?

SCANDAL will send anything flying
He’s always making stubborn remarks
Why aren’t you shaken up yet?
Don’t be shocked speechless
I want to know how you really feel
About the two of us

When I fall into a trick, my brain goes all white
Inside, you’re just a spoiled kid
Like a frightened little kitten
So fast at running away

How’s your dream going?
There are a lot of excuses
I don’t need your self-deprecation
I won’t be fooled by other people’s looks
If the love until today was real

I want more love; how much is it worth?
Did you think
I was just a convenient girl for you?
Even when we’re together, I still feel lonely
In the heated haze, I stare out
He turns blurry
I can’t see him now

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posted on September 6, 2010 at 10:26 pm
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