YUI – Rain (11.24)

  YUI – Rain (11.24)



I’m loving the way it sounds at the moment, but I think it sounds a bit too similar to one of her songs ( can’t put my finger on which one, I’ll listen to her whole discography later coz this curiosity is killing meeeeeeee ) but nevertheless it’s an awesome song with an awesome PV too ( she’s looking pretty sweet there! )

Get the song ( Radio Rip ) and the makings of PV file at the end of this post!

PS: anyone recognize the bassist in the PV? *hint hint* she did a collab with YUI once πŸ™‚

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Lyrics ( Romaji )

Machiawase no yoru ki ga tsuiteita
Kagami no jibun ni toikakeru
Shiroi KOOTO saenai kao
Hontou wa kitaishiteru?)
TAKUSHII ga tsukamaranai mama
Kokudou zoi wo – Isoida ah

Kasa ga nai nante
Yoku aru koto
Zubunure ni natte aruita Christmas eve
Dare no sei ni mo dekinai janai
Jibunkatte ni kaita SUTOORII
Hon no sukoshi no shiawase dake de ii no
Silent Night

Tokei wo ki ni suru hito ha nigate yo
Ushinaitsuzduketa kioku ga yogiru
Doushitatte kako wa nakusenai
Itsumademo nagekanaide
Tokubetsu janai wa
Nando kurikashitemo
Onaji basho de mayou kara

Uso wa nai sa tte
USO wa yamete
Shinsou nante wakaranai EPISOODO
Kizutsuku koto ni mo nareteiru
Mujun datte
Zenbu uketometa
Subete wo kowasu yuuki nante nakatta
Hitori kiri
Silent Night

Show Window
Naranda mirai ni yume miteita
Ano koro no you ni

Bonyari to utsutta
KYANDURU ni akogareta sayonara da ne

Kono ame ga itsuka
Konayuki ni natte
Kanashimi wo sotto
Tsutsumikomu toki
Atarashii kibou ni deau no

Holy Night tanoshimeta
Otona tte chotto
Sabishigari dakara
Naita tte ii nda
Hajimari no Silent Night

Lyrics credit to EndOfInfinity930 from YUI-Lovers Forum

Lyrics ( Translation )

I realized tonight’s the night we’re supposed to meet.
I look in the mirror and asked myself a question.
Although my coat is white, my face isn’t clear,
Am I really anticipating something?
I don’t catch a taxi, as usual,
So I hurried along the national highway, ah

I often don’t have an umbrella,
So I got dripping wet
While I was walking on Christmas Eve.
You can’t even blame anyone
In the self-centered story I wrote.
If I have just a little bit of happiness, is that okay?
But you’re not coming,
I understand
It’s a silent night.

I dislike people who constantly look at their watches,
They kept going over lost memories in their minds
No matter what, you can’t get rid of the past,
Don’t grieve forever.
I’m not special,
Because even if I do this over and over again,
I’ll lose myself in the same place.

You said you don’t lie…
Stop the lies!
I’ve no idea if this episode is real or not
Even if my feelings get hurt – I’m used to it,
I reacted to everything, although that’s a contradiction.
I didn’t have the courage to ruin everything.
But you’re not coming,
All on my own,
It’s a silent night.

In a dream, I saw that in the future, we’ll stand in line at the display window
Like we did back then in those days,

Attracted to the dimly lit candle,
Saying goodbye.

This rain will someday
Turned to powdered snow,
And when the time comes
For me to quietly conceal my sadness,
Will I come across a new hope?

At any time,
I was able to have fun on that Holy Night.
Even adults
Feel lonely sometimes,
So it was okay for me to cry,
At the beginning of the silent night.

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on October 19, 2010 at 4:52 pm
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