Kana Nishino – Distance (02.09)

  Kana Nishino – Distance (02.09)

Yay~! Kana’s first single of 2011 and I can foresee it being a hit already!

She hasn’t let me down once ( OK, maybe Aitakute Aitakute didn’t bring out the best in her, but she paid that back with Kimitte and If )

Anyhoo, as made obvious by the title itself, the song will be about distance between lovers… coincidentally, I’m in the same situation as well since my lovely other half is finishing her university in Fukushima ( yes, that’s in Japan ) – so I have a feeling that this single will get played A LOT between the release date until the time I visit Japan again…. unless Kana releases yet another long-distance related song ( which she most probably will ) lol

On another note, the covers for this single is drop-down gorgeous, wouldn’t you agree?

Edit: PV is now up!!

Although I’m sure she’s making billions of yen by now, I don’t think we as Kanayans should stop supporting her in any way we can.
That being said, pre-ordering Kana’s Distance from now would be the best course of action to keep her on her track ( e.g releasing awesome tracks every now and then ) !!

Lyrics coming soon~

If you have heaps of bandwith then I’d suggest you download her Distance PV instead to achieve both visual and aural orgasm haha ^^ otherwise download the PV Rip for Kana’s Distance.
Just make sure that you support her by buying her tracks so she can release even better stuff in the future!
At the moment it’s only a TV Size now though so keep visiting back to download the full version!
Japan is just a click away!
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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on January 13, 2011 at 3:24 am
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