SCANDAL – Pride (02.09)

  SCANDAL – Pride (02.09)

Wahoo, 1st post in 2011! How was your New Year Celebration(s)?

Hope y’all had a great festive season and are now refreshed to face yet another challenging year ahead!! But no frets, singles and albums from bands like SCANDAL will no doubt keep our spirits up to get by another year 😉

Anyways, their newest single titled PRIDE ( lol instantly made me think of High and Mighty Color ) will be the second ED song for the anime Star Driver. I’m a big fan of anime but I don’t think Star Driver is my cup of tea, it might be yours though so check it out if you have time!

Update: FULL PV now up!!

For your first purchase of 2011, why not buy SCANDAL’s Pride and support these 4 beautiful angels so they can keep rolling stuff out for us to enjoy ( and don’t forget for each and every single released, you get to see them in full awesomeness jamming those instruments in the PV ) – also since I want to watch their next concert, it would be a good thing that their singles sell!

Well, since you’ve come so far, why don’t you download the mp3 for SCANDAL’s Pride?
Update: Sorry to keep you guys waiting… Here it comes…. SCANDAL – Pride Radio Rip – Full Length!!!
Update: Get the FULL HD PV for SCANDAL’s Pride here!
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posted on January 11, 2011 at 2:20 am
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