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SCANDAL – HARUKAZE (Spring 2012)

SCANDAL’s at it again! =)
Update: Apparently the single is due for release in Spring 2012 – that would be around end of March / early April then.
Update #2: It seems that release date is changed to February 22nd! And we’ve got the radio rip for you!
Update #3: FULL LENGTH PV IS OUUUUUUTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well with the [...]

Update: Free Tickets to Japan in 2012!

About a week ago you’ve probably heard rumors (read:news) about how the Japanese government is going to pay for 10,000 foreigners to come to Japan in the fiscal year 2012 – now while most of it were true, back then this move wasn’t officially approved by the government since they were still in the middle [...]

Kana Nishino – Tatoe Donna Ni… (11.09)

OMG… just… OMG.
Will transcribe the lyrics later on tonight… for now, just enjoy her angelic voice before Youtube takes down the video =)