Update: Free Tickets to Japan in 2012!

  Update: Free Tickets to Japan in 2012!

10,000 Free Tickets to Visit Japan 2012

About a week ago you’ve probably heard rumors (read:news) about how the Japanese government is going to pay for 10,000 foreigners to come to Japan in the fiscal year 2012 – now while most of it were true, back then this move wasn’t officially approved by the government since they were still in the middle of the budgeting process.

Yesterday, Japan Tourism Agency Commissioner Hiroshi Mizohata officially confirmed his plan of inviting 10,000 foreigners to Japan, for free – and that he is going to push for the budget to make this plan a reality.

Good news for us eh?
But as with most of the things in life, if something sounds too good to be true, then it’s probably is.

The plan was hatched because after the fateful tsunami on 11 March 2011 (affects all of us more than we imagine), the number of foreign visitors that are visiting Japan dropped by almost 80%, specially if we’re talking about the less popular prefectures and prefectures where the tsunami hit ( Sendai, Fukushima, Miyagi ) – well, the Japanese government is hoping to increase those numbers by getting foreigners in… but not just anyone!

They’re hoping to invite people that has wide impact in the world wide web.

Simply said, the majority of those tickets (if the plan’s approved) is going to go to famous bloggers, internet personalities and social media superstars – so that after these people returned from their free trip, they will blog and tell their experience about Japan and how amazing the trip was – thus inducing interest for their audience to actually get their asses off their couches and book a trip to Japan.

Well, the good news is that it’s still 10-11 months away until Japan’s fiscal year of 2012.

If you want to score a free trip to the most amazing country in the world, but you’re none of those people I mentioned above… well, you still have time to popularize yourself 😉

Writing a blog is hard, but it’s rewarding – and a free trip to Japan is more than enough reward IMHO.


PS: If any of you are wondering who that unbelievably cute chick in the banner is, it’s Tsubomi.
Have fun googling her guys – keep a roll of tissue close by =)

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Written by Kevin Mario

posted on October 20, 2011 at 3:44 pm
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