JKT48 at Lampion 100% Cinta (2012.02.22)

  JKT48 at Lampion 100% Cinta (2012.02.22)

This performance is a little bit… different?

I suppose it’s in a good way!

We Indonesians LOVE live music ( or maybe it’s just me? ) and this time they’re performing with a live band as their backing music ( not the usual vocal-less studio recording ) – honestly I love this style, but unfortunately the cameraman doesn’t seem to understand that when you’re shooting an idol group, you should focus on THE IDOL GROUP e.g. each individual member.

Who the heck cares about the ppl playing instruments in the background?
They’re NOT the MAIN performer here. I’m so disappointed but at least not towards JKT48 itself.

Global TV ( and other TV studios that are going to broadcast JKT48’s future performances ) – PLEASE take notice of this.

Well, without further ado, enjoy the recordings! And post what you think about it in the comments section ^_^

Heavy Rotation – Indonesian Language version, Full Performance

Preparation before the performance – announcer is too talkative + sound quality is not the best…

JKT48’s Heavy Rotation Live Perf @IPOP 28 January 2012
This video is actually quite good as in you can see some members clearly ( I even saw some I didn’t recognize straightaway ) but the stupid DJ ruined the song! Effin’ hell, just because you’re a DJ doesn’t mean you can say whatever you like whenever you like. Damatte!

JKT48’s Heavy Rotation Live Perf @100% Ampuh 29 January 2012

JKT48’s Official Heavy Rotation MV (Dailymotion)

JKT48’s Official Heavy Rotation MV (Youtube)

AKB48’s Official Heavy Rotation MV

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posted on February 23, 2012 at 4:30 am
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