JKT48 – Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara !

  JKT48 – Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara !


It sounds soooooo good in Indonesian ^^ waaay better than Heavy Rotation and Aitakatta!

I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get to go to the concert… currently I’m saving up for my next trip to Japan and definitely can’t afford a luxury weekend trip to Jakarta, even though it’s the FIRST EVER AKB48 Concert in Jakarta, something that should be celebrated with your heart and soul. I’m very happy (and a lil’ moved) to see the Indonesian wota’s doing the MIX (chants during the song) properly though, specially during this song!

During the concert, I was following the live reports from JKT48’s official Twitter account (@officialJKT48) and the hashtag #AKB48xJKT48 and was so envious specially when they reported that they’re performing my favourite AKB48 song, Iiwake Maybe… I’ll definitely go next time!

Anyways, read more and see the JKT48’s version of a Laurier Ad that uses Kimi no koto ga suki dakara as a background music! Yay!

Ah, one more thing, Kimi no koto ga suki dakara has been slowly climbing up on my Most Played song in the last 2 weeks, especially because it’s got this line in the lyrics:

Lyrics ( Romaji )

Kimi ga nayanderu toki ha
Tada damatte, kikinagara

Lyrics ( Translation )

At the times when you’re troubled / worried
I try not to say anything, and keep listening to what you have to say

I don’t know what you guys think of this two short sentences, but when I was listening to the song for the first time, when I get to this part I was so… touched? I don’t know, I suppose it’s also because the background music kinda stopped for a beat after the “kikinagara” – lol, maybe it’s just me being weird hahaha!

Arara, apparently it’s being used in a Laurier Ad!

More videos from the concert ;D

AKB48’s Original Version of Kimi no koto ga Suki dakara

AKB48’s Original Version of Kimi no koto ga Suki dakara – LIVE!

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posted on February 28, 2012 at 1:49 pm
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