JKT48 School on Global TV!

  JKT48 School on Global TV!

AKB48 has AKBingo, Shukan AKB, Nemousu TV whilst SKE48 has SKE no Magical Radio, SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Jousei, NMB48 has their own morning radio show (if I remember correctly? or was it HKT48 that does? anyone correct me please if I’m wrong…) and now JKT48 will have their very own show called JKT48 School!

Well naturally it will be in Indonesian, but after I’m done with translating SKE48’s Magical Radio ( the remaining episodes of season 1 and the rest of season 2 ) I’ll definitely sub this in English as it will be heaps easier than translating Japanese to English ^^

PS: I found it awesome that they are using BABY BABY BABY! from Nemousu Terebi’s opening… nostalgic!!! XD

Anyways – let’s just go straight to why you visit this page in the first place, enjoy!!

JKT48 School – Episode 01 Segment 01

JKT48 School – Episode 01 Segment 02

JKT48 School – Episode 01 Segment 03

PPS: My only rant about the show is that there are WAAAAY TOOO MANY advertisements! Geez!
I mean, even back then when AKB48 was not as famous as they are now, they never blatantly advertise products in their shows ( AKBingo, Shukan ) as bad as this… well, I suppose they need the financial support from the sponsors… I was just expecting something more… I don’t know, subtle? I guess?

Another clip from Japanese TV report regarding JKT48 and how Takamina visited them during practise =)

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posted on April 15, 2012 at 11:18 pm
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