NMB48 – Mousou Girlfriend (08.08)

  NMB48 – Mousou Girlfriend (08.08)

Apparently the official PV will be released tomorrow (3rd of July 2012) so stay tuned!

So far I’ve been more than impressed with their singles ( Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujou is probably the only one that I didn’t really like that much ) but Oh My God, Junjou U-19 and (specially) Nagiichi have kept me wanting for more and more NMB48… here’s hoping that whatever that is getting coupled with Mousou Girlfriend won’t be the one that ended the streak! ^^

Anyways, below are a series of CMs that uses Mousou Girlfriend as their theme song – hopefully you can catch the chorus inbetween those precious 15 seconds =)


Well, since you’ve come this far, I guess you won’t say no to the MP3 PV Rip of Mousou Girlfriend will you? =) the track still include the scene from the beginning where Milky got bit by the cat etc etc, but it is the full song – you’ll just have to trim the mp3 yourself tehehehe. Don’t complain!
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posted on July 3, 2012 at 1:48 pm
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