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JKT48 – Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara !

It sounds soooooo good in Indonesian ^^ waaay better than Heavy Rotation and Aitakatta!

I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get to go to the concert… currently I’m saving up for my next trip to Japan and definitely can’t afford a luxury weekend trip to Jakarta, even though it’s the FIRST EVER AKB48 Concert in [...]

JKT48 at Lampion 100% Cinta (2012.02.22)

This performance is a little bit… different?
I suppose it’s in a good way!
We Indonesians LOVE live music ( or maybe it’s just me? ) and this time they’re performing with a live band as their backing music ( not the usual vocal-less studio recording ) – honestly I love this style, but unfortunately the cameraman [...]

JKT48 live performance at AKB Kouhaku 2011

They’re performing ON THE VERY SAME STAGE with Yuko Oshima, Atsuko Maeda and all their other Japanese senpais! As an Indonesian, I don’t know how else should I feel but extreme pride in these girls!
Pictures and videos will follow once I’ve found them!!
MC after the Aitakatta performance

JKT48 Meet & Greet at f(x) Senayan, Jakarta (12.18)

Finally what we’ve been waiting for, their first ever debut performance LIVE on the 17th of December 2011!
What do you think? Are they up to your expectations?
EDIT: Added video that shows Rena-chan! Yay!! ^^

SCANDAL – Girls Factory ‘11

I guess I have to prepare myself for some LIVE awesomeness in 3 weeks… well, I suppose these videos might be a good start. I’ll post some more when I get the other songs cut up and uploaded!
Shunkan Sentimental

SCANDAL Special Live – BEST Xmas 3 (12.22)

Yay! It’s confirmed, I’m going to watch them live AGAIN this year, but instead of Sendai (like last year) it’s gonna be @ Namba Hatch, Osaka!

Get your own AKBaby!! by AKB48

Can’t they pick a better picture of a fan to combine with!?
They will take over the world.

Kana Nishino – Tatoe Donna Ni… (11.09)

OMG… just… OMG.
Will transcribe the lyrics later on tonight… for now, just enjoy her angelic voice before Youtube takes down the video =)

YUI – Your Heaven (12.15)

Yay~! Another new single from YUI, just in time for Christmas
Loving how she sound in the live performance – can’t wait to hear the studio version! Apparently it’s only distributed thru Chaku-Uta starting from December 15.
I find that this live perf is quite interesting and unique, since it’s performed in the dark. You [...]

Kana Nishino – Kimitte (11.03)