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Get your own AKBaby!! by AKB48

Can’t they pick a better picture of a fan to combine with!?
They will take over the world.

SCANDAL – HARUKAZE (Spring 2012)

SCANDAL’s at it again! =)
Update: Apparently the single is due for release in Spring 2012 – that would be around end of March / early April then.
Update #2: It seems that release date is changed to February 22nd! And we’ve got the radio rip for you!
Update #3: FULL LENGTH PV IS OUUUUUUTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well with the [...]

Kana Nishino – Tatoe Donna Ni… (11.09)

OMG… just… OMG.
Will transcribe the lyrics later on tonight… for now, just enjoy her angelic voice before Youtube takes down the video =)

SCANDAL – Pride (02.09)

Wahoo, 1st post in 2011! How was your New Year Celebration(s)?
Hope y’all had a great festive season and are now refreshed to face yet another challenging year ahead!! But no frets, singles and albums from bands like SCANDAL will no doubt keep our spirits up to get by another year
Anyways, their newest [...]

Do as Infinity – Hand in Hand / EIGHT (01.19)

These guys are the first ones among few Japanese bands ( next to The Brilliant Green and fra foa ) that started my love for J-POP / J-ROCK, but their Tooku Made is the first song ever that made me hit that “Repeat” button to listen to a song sung in a language I’m totally [...]

YUI – Your Heaven (12.15)

Yay~! Another new single from YUI, just in time for Christmas
Loving how she sound in the live performance – can’t wait to hear the studio version! Apparently it’s only distributed thru Chaku-Uta starting from December 15.
I find that this live perf is quite interesting and unique, since it’s performed in the dark. You [...]


Wooooo the Korean Girl invasion continueessssss !!!! Personally I think their japanese is more refined, pronunciation-wise, compared to SNSD. Am I the only one that feel this way ? Post your thoughts !
Anyways, I think this is a pretty awesome song, but I can’t wait till they release the Japanese version of Lupin [...]

YUI – Rain (11.24)

I’m loving the way it sounds at the moment, but I think it sounds a bit too similar to one of her songs ( can’t put my finger on which one, I’ll listen to her whole discography later coz this curiosity is killing meeeeeeee ) but nevertheless it’s an awesome song with an [...]

Kana Nishino – Kimitte (11.03)

SCANDAL – Nanka Buttobase (10.06)

Woah, ANOTHER SINGLE !? I think Sony’s been overworking these poor girls *sigh*
That being said, I don’t think we fans should complain eh ! From the title I think it’s going to be another upbeat track similar to Taiyou to Kimi no Egaku Story, but I might be wrong.
At the moment I’m still wow-ed by [...]