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JKT48 at Lampion 100% Cinta (2012.02.22)

This performance is a little bit… different?

I suppose it’s in a good way!

We Indonesians LOVE live music ( or maybe it’s just me? ) and this time they’re performing with a live band as their backing music ( not the usual vocal-less studio recording ) – honestly I love this style, but unfortunately the cameraman doesn’t seem to understand that when you’re shooting an idol group, you should focus on THE IDOL GROUP e.g. each individual member.

Who the heck cares about the ppl playing instruments in the background?
They’re NOT the MAIN performer here. I’m so disappointed but at least not towards JKT48 itself.

Global TV ( and other TV studios that are going to broadcast JKT48’s future performances ) – PLEASE take notice of this.

Well, without further ado, enjoy the recordings! And post what you think about it in the comments section ^_^
Watch JKT48’s Heavy Rotation Live Band Performance!

Nishino Kana – SAKURA, I Love You?

Kana’s 17th single due for release on the 7th of March 2012 – similar to her Tatoe Donna Ni… lyrics, apparently this single will also tell a story of an ex-girlfriend that still has feelings towards her ex-boyfriend.

Well… I have to say that the topic is slowly getting old, but hopefully the melody of the song can make up for it. After all, it’s these kinds of songs that sells really well in Japan.

Update: Now that I’ve listen to the song preview… uh, I’m not really sure it’s going to do well if the rest of the song is about the same or worse melody-wise. Is just not as catchy as, say, her Distance, or her last Alright.

If you like this single, please support Kana-chan by buying Sakura I love you – Normal Version or the Sakura I love you – Single + DVD Version!

What do you guys think?
Follow the link below to listen to the song preview and post your thoughts on the comments section!
Listen to Kana Nishino’s Sakura, I love you? Preview

JKT48 live performance at AKB Kouhaku 2011

JKT48 singing their Indonesian version of Aitakatta

They’re performing ON THE VERY SAME STAGE with Yuko Oshima, Atsuko Maeda and all their other Japanese senpais! As an Indonesian, I don’t know how else should I feel but extreme pride in these girls!

Pictures and videos will follow once I’ve found them!!

MC after the Aitakatta performance

Click here to see more of JKT48’s version of the highly famous AKB48 song, Aitakatta!

JKT48 Meet & Greet at f(x) Senayan, Jakarta (12.18)

JKT48 First and Second Debut

Finally what we’ve been waiting for, their first ever debut performance LIVE on the 17th of December 2011!
What do you think? Are they up to your expectations?

EDIT: Added video that shows Rena-chan! Yay!! ^^
Watch JKT48’s first ever debut performance LIVE in Global TV’s 100% AMPUH

JKT48’s first ever TV commercial!

JKT48 and their first TV commercial for Pocari Sweat

Well well, we all saw this coming.
Following the footsteps of their predecessor(s) in Japan, JKT48 has finally made their move and shot (and released) their first ever TV commercial for Pocari Sweat.

EDIT: Added full 60 second version!
Read more to see both short and long version of JKT48’s Pocari Sweat Advert

SCANDAL – Girls Factory ’11


I guess I have to prepare myself for some LIVE awesomeness in 3 weeks… well, I suppose these videos might be a good start. I’ll post some more when I get the other songs cut up and uploaded!

Shunkan Sentimental

See more videos from SCANDAL’s Girls Factory 2011 Live Performance

SCANDAL Special Live – BEST Xmas 3 (12.22)

Yay! It’s confirmed, I’m going to watch them live AGAIN this year, but instead of Sendai (like last year) it’s gonna be @ Namba Hatch, Osaka!