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miwa – Otoshimono (12.01)

This new number from miwa is surprisingly a slow piano ballad, which is totally the opposite of chAngE that has a full on rock sound to it – but it’s actually works with her voice so I’m not complaining here.
… I’m just not very sure that its going to do very well on the charts [...]

miwa – Ritoru Gaaru / LITTLE GIRL (23.06)

To my utmost surprise, miwa’s official second single is titled Ritoru Gaaru (LITTLE GIRL) instead of chAngE according to her official website.
I’ll post the tracklist as soon as it’s released – if any of you know anything else, don’t be shy to post it in the comments section – sharing is caring after all ! [...]

miwa – chAngE

The song is BETTER than I expected ( most of us can only imagine how the 2nd verse and interlude will sound like a few months ago ) but if you’re half blind and didn’t read the sentence above this, I’ll say this again… IT’S [...]

miwa – don’t cry anymore LIVE PV (03.03.2010)

Related to my last post today, now I want to bring out miwa – candidate for the next YUI (maybe?) – and her debut single “don’t cry anymore”. Personally, compared to YUI’s debut ( the awesome ‘feel my soul‘ ) I think miwa’s debut is a bit lacking, and her voice isn’t anywhere as unique [...]

Kana Nishino x Leona Lewis x alan x miwa @ Music Fair (13.02)

Was doing my routine jpop single / album release swipe when I came across this awesome collaboration.. I love how Kana’s english and vocal quality improved since the last time I heard her – I love how alan’s erhu was swiftly incorporated to the song – and to top all that, I love how newcomer [...]