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Stereopony – OVER THE BORDER (Out Now!)

Tweet Tracklist: OVER THE BORDER Tsukiakari no Michishirube Smilife happy A Never Look Back Tomodachi no Koibito Mousou Jet Cherry my… Hanbunko( Hanbunko lyrics & mp3 ) Hoshikuzu Cantera 100 Pararhythms Over Drive( OVER DRIVE lyrics & mp3 ) Saki Oto Untitled [secret track] As I’ve said before and I will keep saying again, please […]


Tweet [Rumored] Tracklist: to Mother( to Mother lyrics & mp3 ) again Parade( Download ) es.car( Preview ) Shake My Heart GLORIA I do it ( Cover of Stereopony’s? )( Download ) Please stay with me( Download | LISTEN! ) SUMMER SONG Cinnamon( Download ) Driving Happy Life It’s all too much Kiss me( Download […]

SCANDAL – Namida no Riguretto / Tears of Regret (07.28)

Tweet WAHOOOO! Another new single ( AND ALBUM!! ) from my (secret) latest girl band addiction, SCANDAL! I’ve been enjoying their last singles e.g secret base ~kimi ga kureta mono~ and Taiyo to Kimi ga Egaku STORY – the latter specially because the B-sides ( KOSHI-TANTAN and Switch ) are both awesome songs that IMHO […]

The Brilliant Green – Blue Daisy

Tweet The quality isn’t the best, but for now this will do. I still can’t believe that Ryo Matsui left Buriguri after all these years of ups and downs, specially after the big comeback! Sigh, I hope they can still make songs as epic as Tsumetai Hana or Ai no Ai no Hoshi post Matsui […]

Kie Kitano – Hana Taba / Bouquet (21.07)

Tweet Wahoo another Kitano Kii single ;D I was expecting it to be similar to Sakura Saku – and boy was I right or what! Personally I don’t really dig this style of music that she has adapted ( or being forced to adapt to ? ) but so far I’m enjoying her works so […]

JUJU – Trust in You (26.05)

Tweet Apparently Trust in You’s the theme song for this drama Shissou (?) – and IMHO it does sound a bit like Ashita ga Kurunara in some places ! Tracklist: Trust in You feel me, feel me Koi no Yokan Show your support for JUJU and pre-order her new single, Trust in You from YesAsia!

KARA – We’re with You

Tweet Stumbled upon this song today, and I’ve to say I’m loving every second of it =) can’t really say the same thing about the PV though, I think it’s WAAAAAAAAY to colourful for my tastes. And it’s very very very pastel-ly. But heck, the songwriters deserve heaps of praises for making such a catchy […]