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2nd JAPANITE in 2010 – 1st May @ The Deen

Tweet Taken from JapaNite’s MySpace page: Next Japanite will be held on Saturday 1st May 2010 @ the Deen in Northbridge. This time “only 200 guests” are entitled to enjoy Japanite to the fullest, so please get your & friend’s tickets ASAP before sold out @ Maru Yu Japanese super market @ 33 Barrack Street […]

1st JAPANITE in 2010 – 26th March @ The Deen

Tweet Wahoo! It’s here again! If you love Japanese Music, Japanese Culture, Japanese Girls (who doesn’t), Japanese Food (Takoyaki.. wait, thats a snack isn’t it), Japanese Girls (I have to mention this at least twice), Japanese Beer, Japanese Snacks (Edamame), Japanese Girls in Yukata (MOE!) and you’re so fortunate that you live in Perth, Western […]