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Reblog: Security Audit Sistem IT KPU Pilpres 2014

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This is just a re-blog of an entry by a CEH ( Certified Ethical Hacker ) from a blogpost site called Audit KPU

Perkenalkan. Nama saya A. Tanpa nama belakang.

Saya lahir di Indonesia. Sebagai CEH, profesi saya konsultan keamanan jaringan komputer.

Baru tahun ini saya mengikuti berita-berita dan ikut memilih di Pemilu Presiden Indonesia.

Hari ini 23 Juli 2014. Saya membaca berbagai tulisan orang. Banyak yang bertanya: Apakah Pemilu Presiden 2014 berlangsung dengan jujur dan adil?

Saya mungkin punya jawabannya. Mungkin. Tulisan saya mungkin menjawab pertanyaan. Mungkin juga malah membuka banyak pertanyaan baru.

Namun sebelumnya mohon maaf. Saya bukan penulis. Mohon maaf jika bahasa saya kurang baik. Saya coba sampaikan dengan singkat dan efektif.

Tulisan ini saya tujukan untuk anda-anda yang penasaran.
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NMB48 – Mousou Girlfriend (08.08)

Apparently the official PV will be released tomorrow (3rd of July 2012) so stay tuned!

So far I’ve been more than impressed with their singles ( Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujou is probably the only one that I didn’t really like that much ) but Oh My God, Junjou U-19 and (specially) Nagiichi have kept me wanting for more and more NMB48… here’s hoping that whatever that is getting coupled with Mousou Girlfriend won’t be the one that ended the streak! ^^

Anyways, below are a series of CMs that uses Mousou Girlfriend as their theme song – hopefully you can catch the chorus inbetween those precious 15 seconds =)
Watch NMB48’s Mousou Girlfriend


To be honest I’m a bit divided with this one. I absolutely loved the PV, the girls were very lively (as they always were) and the white costume stands out from the blue & other colours in the background. As for the song… honestly when I first found out that they’re going to call it Taiyou SCANDALOUS, I went WTF. I mean, they already had the word SCANDAL in their “SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase” single, I personally find it not very tasteful to have your band name IN your song title. Once is fine, but to do it again?
Watch SCANDAL’s newest PV, Taiyou SCANDALOUS!

AKB48’s Tokyo Dome Concert dates announced!

As you can see, the picture above depicts the face of an idol that has no idea when their next concert is going to be.

This month, I can really feel glad that I’ve became a fan of AKB48. They are not “just an idol group” anymore, their whole daily life is like one big reality TV where you can watch every single thing that happened / happens / will happen to them. And trust me, it’s VERY entertaining.

Tokyo Dome has been the goal ever since the first generation of AKB48 – and this year, August 24th, 25th and 26th, that dream will finally be a reality.

As announced before at Saitama Super Arena, Maeda Atsuko’s graduation date is supposed to be after the concert at Tokyo Dome, so speculations have been going on that it will happen on the 27th of August, 2012. The big day. The day where the face of AKB48 changes.
More on Tokyo Dome Concert, Acchan’s Graduation and Senbatsu!

JKT48 School on Global TV!

AKB48 has AKBingo, Shukan AKB, Nemousu TV whilst SKE48 has SKE no Magical Radio, SKE48 no Sekai Seifuku Jousei, NMB48 has their own morning radio show (if I remember correctly? or was it HKT48 that does? anyone correct me please if I’m wrong…) and now JKT48 will have their very own show called JKT48 School!

Well naturally it will be in Indonesian, but after I’m done with translating SKE48’s Magical Radio ( the remaining episodes of season 1 and the rest of season 2 ) I’ll definitely sub this in English as it will be heaps easier than translating Japanese to English ^^

PS: I found it awesome that they are using BABY BABY BABY! from Nemousu Terebi’s opening… nostalgic!!! XD

Anyways – let’s just go straight to why you visit this page in the first place, enjoy!!

JKT48 School – Episode 01 Segment 01

Watch the rest 2 segments of JKT48 School HERE!

JKT48’s Melody in AKB48’s NEW SHIP PV

JKT48's Melody in AKB48 Special Girls' New Ship PV

Most probably the first time ever that the Indonesian language is used in a Japanese Music Video – sure it might only be some 1-2 short lines but hell that gotta count for something!!!

Well honestly I’m not into the idea of using Melody since I (personally) think there are cuter girls in JKT48 (like Rena, for example, hehe) but yeah, what’s done is done, she IS the center anyways so I guess that doesn’t leave much space for management to play around.

But don’t get me wrong, I’m still proud of her being the first ever Indonesian to be included in a Japanese PV! Props! 😀
Watch JKT48’s center, Melody, performing with the rest of Special Girls!

JKT48 – Kimi no Koto ga Suki dakara !


It sounds soooooo good in Indonesian ^^ waaay better than Heavy Rotation and Aitakatta!

I’m so disappointed that I didn’t get to go to the concert… currently I’m saving up for my next trip to Japan and definitely can’t afford a luxury weekend trip to Jakarta, even though it’s the FIRST EVER AKB48 Concert in Jakarta, something that should be celebrated with your heart and soul. I’m very happy (and a lil’ moved) to see the Indonesian wota’s doing the MIX (chants during the song) properly though, specially during this song!

During the concert, I was following the live reports from JKT48’s official Twitter account (@officialJKT48) and the hashtag #AKB48xJKT48 and was so envious specially when they reported that they’re performing my favourite AKB48 song, Iiwake Maybe… I’ll definitely go next time!

Anyways, read more and see the JKT48’s version of a Laurier Ad that uses Kimi no koto ga suki dakara as a background music! Yay!
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