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Kalafina – Red Moon (17.03.2010)

Tweet I’ve been ranting on and on and on about Kalafina ( and Yuki Kajiura ) and I don’t think I’m going to stop anytime soon, not if them ( and other Kajiura’s solo projects e.g FictionJunction ) keep on releasing these awesome singles / albums. I’ve only listened to FictionJunction’s Everlasting Songs album ( […]

FictionJunction – Toki no Mukou Maboroshi no Sora

Tweet Apparently this is the OP theme for a newly aired anime, Ookami Kakushi. To be honest I’ve never heard of the anime, but while writing this I checked it out and looks pretty good, it’s got that Fate/Stay Night ambience to it, might gonna give it a go =) Also, for those of you […]

Kalafina – Hikari no Senritsu ( PV & Lyrics )

Tweet This song is the opening for the newly aired anime, Sora no Woto / Oto ( Sounds of the Sky ) – which IMHO looks like K-ON going to war… I mean, they’re obviously copied and pasted from the original cast of K-ON, I can see the resemblance to Yui and Mio, and maybe […]