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JUJU – Trust in You (26.05)

Apparently Trust in You’s the theme song for this drama Shissou (?) – and IMHO it does sound a bit like Ashita ga Kurunara in some places !


Trust in You
feel me, feel me
Koi no Yokan

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The Asian Beauties – S.H.E

The Asian Beauties are ( left to right ):

Jaime Fong ( Hong Kong )
Jiaqing Wei ( China )
Rainie Yang ( Taiwan, she looks like she’s underage! )
JUJU ( Japan, which we all know and love )
MINT ( Thai, real name Ardhawadee Jiramaneekul ), and
Olivia ( Singapore/Japan, check her out – she’s got a sweet discography! [...]

JUJU – Ready for Love PV and JUJU Album (17.03)

This month is an awesome month for releases (o.O)
On a side note, why’s that synth line in the intro sounds like Kana Nishino’s Kimi ni Aitaku Naru Kara ??

Tracklist for ‘JUJU’ Album (17/03):

Sakura Ame ( Watch PV )
Ashita ga Kuru Nara ( Watch PV | Buy ‘Ashita ga Kurunara’ Single )
round [...]

JUJU – Sakura Ame (24.02.2010)

Another great one from JUJU =) damn I love her releases ! Although not as sad and moving as PRESENT, this one is still an awesome song to listen to – hear it after the break!
Ok… maybe I was wrong =P it almost as touching as PRESENT after I watched the PV, that poor thing.
Loving [...]

JUJU – Present ( Lyrics and Translation )

Came across this great video that y’all might want to watch at least once.. Another great one from JUJU.
Official PV

Karaoke version of PRESENT

Lyrics: ( Romaji )
Tomoridashita denshoku ga konya wo
Motto morashiku kagayakaseteru
Koko ni icha ikenai you na ki ga shite
Sono mabayui toori wo sakeru
Yasashisa wo katate de uketotte wa
Mieru itami ni me wo sorashite
Kimi ga [...]