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NMB48 – Mousou Girlfriend (08.08)

Apparently the official PV will be released tomorrow (3rd of July 2012) so stay tuned!
So far I’ve been more than impressed with their singles ( Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujou is probably the only one that I didn’t really like that much ) but Oh My God, Junjou U-19 and (specially) Nagiichi have [...]


To be honest I’m a bit divided with this one. I absolutely loved the PV, the girls were very lively (as they always were) and the white costume stands out from the blue & other colours in the background. As for the song… honestly when I first found out that they’re going to call it [...]

Nishino Kana – SAKURA, I Love You?

Kana’s 17th single due for release on the 7th of March 2012 – similar to her Tatoe Donna Ni… lyrics, apparently this single will also tell a story of an ex-girlfriend that still has feelings towards her ex-boyfriend.
Well… I have to say that the topic is slowly getting old, but hopefully the melody of [...]

SCANDAL – HARUKAZE (Spring 2012)

SCANDAL’s at it again! =)
Update: Apparently the single is due for release in Spring 2012 – that would be around end of March / early April then.
Update #2: It seems that release date is changed to February 22nd! And we’ve got the radio rip for you!
Update #3: FULL LENGTH PV IS OUUUUUUTTT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well with the [...]

Kana Nishino – Tatoe Donna Ni… (11.09)

OMG… just… OMG.
Will transcribe the lyrics later on tonight… for now, just enjoy her angelic voice before Youtube takes down the video =)

Kana Nishino – Distance (02.09)

Yay~! Kana’s first single of 2011 and I can foresee it being a hit already!
She hasn’t let me down once ( OK, maybe Aitakute Aitakute didn’t bring out the best in her, but she paid that back with Kimitte and If )
Anyhoo, as made obvious by the title itself, the song will be about [...]

SCANDAL – Pride (02.09)

Wahoo, 1st post in 2011! How was your New Year Celebration(s)?
Hope y’all had a great festive season and are now refreshed to face yet another challenging year ahead!! But no frets, singles and albums from bands like SCANDAL will no doubt keep our spirits up to get by another year
Anyways, their newest [...]