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YUI – Your Heaven (12.15)

Yay~! Another new single from YUI, just in time for Christmas
Loving how she sound in the live performance – can’t wait to hear the studio version! Apparently it’s only distributed thru Chaku-Uta starting from December 15.
I find that this live perf is quite interesting and unique, since it’s performed in the dark. You [...]

YUI – Rain (11.24)

I’m loving the way it sounds at the moment, but I think it sounds a bit too similar to one of her songs ( can’t put my finger on which one, I’ll listen to her whole discography later coz this curiosity is killing meeeeeeee ) but nevertheless it’s an awesome song with an [...]


[Rumored] Tracklist:

to Mother( to Mother lyrics & mp3 )
Parade( Download )
es.car( Preview )
Shake My Heart
I do it ( Cover of Stereopony’s? )( Download )
Please stay with me( Download | LISTEN! )
Cinnamon( Download )
Driving Happy Life
It’s all too much
Kiss me( Download )

Props to the guys at JpopMusic Forums for the tracklist – hopefully they’re real [...]

YUI – to Mother (02.06)

I simply can’t believe this is my FIRST post about YUI. Specially considering that she’s my all time favourite artist ! *smacks self* – anyhoo, the new single is AMAZINGLY, beautifully slow paced, but having said that, it’s really ‘YUI-like’ if I have to put it in a word. Has a similar feeling to BLUE [...]

Stereopony – Hanbunko PV (2010.02.17)

It’s Stereopony’s (L to R) NOHANA (Bass), AIMI (Guitar n Vocal) and SHIHO (Drum) back with their latest single, Hanbunko ! ( due for release on the 17th of Feb 2010 ) – below is a radio rip of Hanbunko for youse that might want to hear some greatness
Tracklist would be :
01. Hanbunko
02. [...]